Electronic Commerce is known as E-Commerce for short. With the digitalization of the trading world, people are making their purchases from the internet environment.

Nowadays, business owners are opening their doors to “E-commerce” by moving their businesses to the digital world market.

As “Dijital Captain”, we also help business owners who want to move their business to the digital world but are concerned about how to do it somehow to move it to the “e-commerce” world.


With the advancement of technology, companies that are transitioning to the digital world have many advantages such as;

  • Increase in product sales,
  • The growth of the existing target audience,
  • Achieving the goal in a short time,
  • having a 24/7 trade,
  • Low advertising budget,
  • The disappearance of trade borders,
  • The costs incurred by real stores such as warehouse, stock, rent are not in the digital world

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